That Witch Life

Episode 102: Magick of Past Lives With Madame Pamita

September 13, 2021

Have we been here before? Many Witches have some belief or experience with past lives...but how do we know who we were, how we lived, and does it even matter? Madame Pamita returns to discuss this powerful topic with us, including sharing stories from her own past life regressions and suggests how people might be able to access their past lives. Other digressions include anger over Texas, and expecting responses from angry listeners. Hilary talks fennel, Courtney talks nasty poppets, and Kanani talks migraine. A listener is reflecting on some strange phenomena they saw as a child. What might snakey people-things be??? On Patreon: Madame Pamita discusses spotting scammy Witches, and Kanani shares her own past life regressions. Register for So Mote That Con today! Early bird registration ends 9/21!

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