That Witch Life

Episode 106: Land Spirits With David Shi

October 11, 2021

A relationship with your local Land Spirits is essential for powerful Magickal work. David Shi returns to discuss Land Spirits with us, including what they are, and some very powerful "do"s and "don't"s, and gives us a sneak preview of his workshop at So Mote That Con! Other discussions include Courtney's Auntie Fail, Kanani's tiara drawer, and Hilary's grounding practice while being a Witch On The Road. Plus, ways to support projects led by Indigenous people, in honor on Indigenous People's Day.  On Patreon: Courtney discusses the Boris Karloff Frankenstein, more highlights from Hilary's show, and David discusses East Asian harvest holidays and goes deeper with other ways to know Land Spirits.

It's the last week to register for So Mote That Con--a virtual conference on living as a Witch in today's world, Oct. 16-17! Register today and don't miss out!

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