That Witch Life

Episode 111: Coven Or Cult? With Dr. Janja Lalich

November 15, 2021

Is it a Coven? Or a cult? Cults may be rare in the Witchcraft world, but it doesn't mean they don't exist! Cult specialist Dr. Janja Lalich joins us to discuss the warning signs of a cult, how to get out if you are in one, and how to support a loved one drawn into a cult. Plus, we explore some of the most dangerous cults in current existence. Digressions include "Tell me you're a Witch without telling me you're a Witch" and the Magickal uses of cardamom. A listener wants to cast a spell for their abusive ex to get what he deserves. What can they do? On Patreon: Our full conversation with Dr. Lalich and the continuing saga of The Pariah Curse. Join us at the OWOW Yule Bazaar on December 11! 

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