That Witch Life

Episode 130: Movies And T.V. Magick With Jessica Mason

March 28, 2022

For some outrageous turn of events, Kanani hosts ALONE. The good news is that Jessica Mason has returned to talk Magick of the movies and television!!! They discuss WandaVision, Encanto, Turning Red, Yellowjackets, Midsommar, The Blair Witch Project, the upcoming Lord of the Rings prequel series, and more. Kanani and Jessica also explore learning family lessons from Magickal movies and also how these movies can explain Witchcraft rituals to children as well as parenting Capricorns, horror thresholds, how podcasting  has affected both of their Magickal practice. Further digressions include the power behind words, the benefits of spoilers, and Kanani's animosity about Frodo (from LOTR).

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