That Witch Life

Episode 131: Opera, Art, And Magick With Rosśa Crean

April 4, 2022

Music, art, and song...all of these are powerful acts of Magick. Multimedia artist and opera singer Rosśa Crean joins us to talk about how they utilize different art forms as expressions of their Witchcraft practice. They describe living with with synesthesia, using shadow work to heal from trauma, and their dynamic Art Coven. Plus, stories from Alabama and Salem, MA, Hilary's officiating a wedding and prepares to attend the Grammies, and Kanani reviews Supernatural. Digressions include pig faces, a disaster involving a mannequin, and near pants-peeing. On Patreon: Building boundaries, adventures with doughnuts, scary Christian movies, and a visit to the wax museum.

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