That Witch Life

Episode 132: A Sibyl In The Courtroom With Phyllis Curott

April 11, 2022

Witchcraft is growing every year, and Witches are open in all places in society. Author, public Witch, and lawyer Phyllis Curott joins us to explore why Witchcraft calls so many people right now, and why the world needs Witches. We also explore Phyllis's new book. Other topics include Kanani's continued Supernatural binge, challenges with Magickal herbs and cats. Plus, tune in next week to hear Hilary's adventures at The Grammies! A listener is looking for help cleansing a negative energy in their home after a scary incident in their neighborhood. What can they do to cleanse this presence from their space? On Patreon: Kanani does a reading for Courtney with the Supernatural Tarot.

Don't forget to pick up Espiritismo: Puerto Rican Mediumship And Magic and The 21 Divisions: Mysteries and Magic of Dominican Voodoo from Weiser Books wherever books are sold! 

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