That Witch Life

Episode 133: The Witch’s Name With Storm Faerywolf

April 18, 2022

Some Witches choose a Magickal name. What is the benefit in that? Storm Faerywolf returns to discuss the Magick of choosing a Witch name and how it can be used to craft a Magickal identity. He also shares sneak-peek at his forthcoming book, "The Satyr's Kiss," as well as Storm's process of writing TWO books during the Pandemic. Digressions include ordering things while high, Hilary's adventures at the Grammys, and the time Courtney and Kanani became ACTUAL Sea Hags (on accident). A listener's daughter-in-law has gone down a conspiracy theory rabbit hole. Is there a spell they can do to help her see the truth? On Patreon: When your legal name does not fit your identity, Hilary's fake wedding, and the elusive Witchcraft of folding fitted sheets.

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