That Witch Life

Episode 134: Myth Magick With Tanisha Everett

April 25, 2022

Human history is decorated with myths...but what do ancient myths mean for modern Witches? Tanisha Everett joins us to discuss ways to use myth to better see yourself, the power of personal myth, and gives us a different look at the story of Persephone. Plus, Magick for the New Moon, Kanani continues her Supernatural binge, past and present crank calls, and a response to another hater. A listener wants to connect with their Ancestors, but some of them are problematic. How can they connect with the UN-problematic ancestors? On Patreon:  More on Kanani's favorite parts of Supernatural, the weirdest rumors about Tarot, our and the books and horror movies that made us into the weird, weird Witches we are!

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