That Witch Life

Episode 141: Viral Video Magick With Shelby Masi

June 13, 2022

TikTok has changed Magick...and lives! Shelby Masi, creator of the viral TikTok Video, "Acting Like My Witchy Wife" joins us to talk about making TikTok videos, and how her viral video took her from obscurity to fame over the course of a day. She also discussed the surprises of the journey, both the supportive and cruel responses. She also takes us on how sobriety deepened her Magick. Plus, the Magick of magnolia, Kanani's wardrobe malfunction, bedazzled intestines, and when people who mocked you for your Magick come back and want spells. Plus, Shelby is offering a special discount on he Etsy Store -- use code THATWITCHLIFE to save 20%! On Patreon: The Shadow work involved in going viral, breaking generational curses of addiction, war of the roses (on Kanani's house), and common plants that are deadly to pets.

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