That Witch Life

Episode 143: Ocean Magick With Amikaeyla Gaston

June 27, 2022

What makes the ocean so powerful in Magick? Priestess, performer, international ambassador, and Witch Amikaeyla Gaston joins us to discuss how honoring the majesty of the ocean intensifies our Magick. As an extra-special treat, we include a few of Amikaeyla's beautiful songs throughout the episode: "We Have Returned"; "I Like The Sunrise Con Bata"; "Yeye Chango"; "Wade in the Water." Digressions include the ugly reality of bottled water, what if little girls were raised to be Witches instead of princesses, and the conclusion of the saga of Courtney's dog and the pig next door.  We apologize for a weaker than usual sound quality. We were working with some weak internet. On Patreon:  Ad-free version of this episode!

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