That Witch Life

Episode 152: Going Deeper With Spirits Guides With Tahverlee Anglen

August 29, 2022

Tickets are now available for So Mote That Con ’22: A virtual conference on living as a Witch as today’s world on October 15-16, 2022!!!  Get yours at the early-bird rate at thatwitchlife.comSpirit Guides: What are they? Are we born with them or do they come to us? Listener favorite Tahverlee Anglen returns to go deeper in the conversation about Spirit Guides and gives a taste of her journey with them over the past year. Digressions include the Magick of sunflowers, the virtues of self-marriage. and Kanani pumping her own gas (which went very, very badly.  On Patreon: Ad-free version of this episode.

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