That Witch Life

Episode 153: Oracle Card Magick With Heather Agosta Plus Tomás Prower

September 5, 2022

Tickets are now available for So Mote That Con ’22: A virtual conference on living as a Witch as today’s world on October 15-16, 2022!!!  Get yours at the early-bird rate at this link!  Oracle cards--gentle messengers? Or harsh truth tellers? Our tea-making BFF Heather Agosta (of The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company) joins us to discuss what Oracle cards are and how they can bring us helpful messages. Plus, she gives us a sneak peek of her class at So Mote That Con! We are also joined by Tomás Prower who talks with us about Warrior Magick and the things he'll be teaching at So Mote That Con, too!  On Patreon: Ad-free version of this episode, with our adventures hosting a TWL listener fav! 

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