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Episode 155: Autumn Equinox With Fio Gede Parma

September 19, 2022

Tickets are now available for So Mote That Con ’22: A virtual conference on living as a Witch as today’s world on October 15-16, 2022!!!  Get yours at the early-bird rate at this link!   We apologize for the audio quality in the second half of the recording. We had some recording issues! It's fall!!! The start of our favorite season and it all kicks off with the Autumn Equinox! Fio Gede Parma returns to talk with us about their practices around the Equinox and the holidays, and Magick in general, is different between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. Plus, what is with the plague of Instagram Tarot scammers? And will there be a shortage on Halloween candy this year?????  On Patreon:  What kind of love Magick can you make in the Autumn Equinox? A serious love spell for the Autumn Equinox that is both recommended...and not. You've heard of Kanani's boyfriends..but what about MR. Kanani's boyfriends??? Music we love, and which of our exes' wives we suspect listen to TWL....

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