That Witch Life

Episode 159: (Re-Release) Samhain With Lora O’Brien

October 17, 2022

When we would normally be recording an episode...we were getting ready for So Mote That Con! Therefore, we're re-releasing a serious audience favorite: Samhain with Lora O'Brien! This re-release includes content previously available only on Patreon, so tune in and listen to Lora's incredible stories of The Morrigan's Cave....It's the big holiday for we Witches!!! Today we're talking all about Samhain and Halloween--Magickal and spiritual practices, plus a few things just for fun. Lora O'Brien joins us from Ireland to discuss Samhain history as well as contemporary ways to honor the holiday. Plus, the epic battle continues: Is Courtney F*cking with Lora??? On Patreon: Early-release and ad-free versions of this episode!

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