That Witch Life

Episode 19: Morbid Magic with Tomás Prower

October 7, 2019

Content warning: death, grief, and mortuary practices.
“A very 21st century solution to ancient problems…”
Today’s episode is about the modern relationship with dying, death, and the grief process. Special guest Tomás Prower, author of Morbid Magic: Death Spirituality And Culture From Around The World talks with us about the funeral industry and the shady things it gets away with, along with modern Western culture’s problematic avoidance of death and grief. He takes us around the world to learn about different rituals prior to, during, and after death (Ever heard of funeral strippers??? Or airing your grievances while graveside???), plus the origins of the taboo of speaking ill of the dead. Hilary, Kanani, and Courtney share their personal rituals for honoring their departed, Magick in the grief process, as well as etiquette for respectfully communicating with both the deceased and bereaved. Plus, hear about how they ditched a drag brunch to go shopping…which was FAR more important that ensuring Kanani’s car wasn’t stolen.

Our Guest Today