That Witch Life

Episode 39: Protection Magick With David Shi

June 29, 2020

Protection Magick is one of the core tenets of Witchcraft. But when do we need it and how should we do it? Special guest David Shi discusses the spiritual practices of protection from different North Asia traditions. He also discusses the nature of Shamanism--what it is and isn't. We explore a listener question about animal symbolism and its possible connection to different pantheons. Your Witches share 'What They Did On Their Summer Solstices,' Hilary offers suggestions for the next Full Moon and Kanani reviews "The Dark Crystal." Other unrelated topics include earwigs and nocturnal spider eating. Plus, we could use your help! We are now on Patreon. To keep more of the content you love coming, consider supporting us as a Patron. You can also buy us a coffee, or purchase our handmade merchandise on Etsy. Don't forget to subscribe, rate and review us on your favorite podcast platform!
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