That Witch Life

Episode 42: Forest Magick with Jake Richards

July 20, 2020

Get your first 10-minute reading with Keen for only $1.99: Because you deserve answers. Thank you to Keen for sponsoring this episode! The forest has been a place for Witch since, well, always! Author Jake Richards talks with us about the role of the forest in Magick and shares with us some of the Appalachian folklore and practices shaped by the forest. We discuss the sympathetic nature of the forest as well as respected it as an ecosystem both dangerous and vulnerable. We also touch on working with the Bible in Witchcraft and the role of faith in productive spellwork. Courtney shares some Blue Jay lore, Hilary talks about the Magickal uses of mint, and Kanani reviews "Witches of Eastwick" (and also how she is a sea hag). Plus, meet Walter the Angry Squirrel! We answer listener questions: Is the Goddess Lilith related to Satan? What do you do when a spell works a little TOO well? For more stories from Jake that we just couldn't fit in the episode, become a Patron today and get bonus content! Pictures, show notes, and audio transcript at  

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