That Witch Life

Episode 43: Plant Magick with Christopher Penczak Plus Lúnasa Rites and Rituals

July 27, 2020

Get your first 10-minute reading with Keen for only $1.99: Because you deserve answers. Thank you to Keen for sponsoring this episode! It's the height of summer and we are all about the outdoors Magick! Guest Christopher Penczak joins us to discuss forming Magickal relationships with plants, making bonds with specific individual plant energies, reading messages from plants, and showing gratitude to plant allies. We also discuss feeling like an outcast among outcasts, the periodic importance of being a skeptical Witch, and the role of verification. We answer a listener question on using salt in rituals while being mindful of environmental. Courtney shares Lúnasa history and ways to celebrate the holiday, Kanani reviews "Kiki's Delivery Service," and Hilary fights the spider mites. Other digressions include the protests in Portland, the horror of ladybugs, and drama at the grocery store. For bonus content, support us on Patreon: Audio transcript and show notes at:

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