That Witch Life

Episode 44: Lunar Magick With Jhenah Telyndru

August 2, 2020

Get your first 10-minute reading with Keen for only $1.99: Because you deserve answers. Thank you to Keen for sponsoring this episode! Thirteen moons in a year...and they each have a Magickal role! Author and priestess Jhenah Telyndru talks about Lunar Magick inspired by Britannic mythology. We discuss myth as response to human experience and how the phases of the Moon can aid in personal transformation. We also offer suggestions for celebrating the Full Moon on August 3. Listener question: Is the Morrigan summoning someone to work with the dead? Plus, Courtney's super-meta zombie-nightmare, an awesome artist, and an ancient mystery: How much caffeine is JUST TOO MUCH? Kanani might know.  Support the show:  Audio transcript and show notes at 

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