That Witch Life

Episode 47: Music Magick With Jenna Greene

August 23, 2020

What is music without Magick...or Magick without music? Emmy-nominated musician and Witch Jenna Greene brings us *NEW* music from her forthcoming album and talks with us about how everyone has a gift to bring to heal this world. We also discuss channeling power into our Magick through music and working with the Shadow. Courtney talks about what to do when your dog eats your Magickal supplies and Kanani reviews "Ever After" (with Soleil!). A listener is in a nasty custody battle over a small child and a psychic reader says it's due to a curse on the family. What should the listener do (Spoiler feelings: We have ***FEELINGS*** about this issue)! "Faerie Queen," "Mermaid Song (for Yemaya)," and "In The Twilight" performed and used with courtesy by Jenna Greene.  Audio transcript and show notes at Support the show:

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