That Witch Life

Episode 54: Dispelling Myths Of Witchcraft And Satan Worship With Sarah Marshall

October 12, 2020

A special thanks to our episode sponsors! See links below for special listener discounts. OMG. How many times do we have to say, "Yes, we're Witches. No, that doesn't mean we worship Satan." Sarah Marshall, writer and host of "You're Wrong About" and "Why Are Dads" podcasts joins us to discuss the (ridiculous) history of the Satanic Panic in the United States, its impact on Witches, and patterns of mass hysteria. We dig into the dangers of conspiracy theory and imagined victimhood. Digressions include the Witchcraft of bread, Hilary's premonition about Princess Diana, Anna Nicole Smith, Frankenstein, and Nutter Butters. Kanani reviews "The Witches" and we all discuss the trailer for the remake. A listener has been emotionally invested in someone for almost a decade. What sort of releasing ritual can they do to let them go? Show notes at audio transcript at
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