That Witch Life

Episode 58: Grounding And Centering With Joi Bonman

November 9, 2020

A special thanks to Sacred Mists Academy and Shoppe for sponsoring this episode! Please see below for listener specials! What a week/year/four years! Never have we needed grounding and centering more than we do now. But does it mean to 'ground and center'? Why is it important in Magick? Joi Bonman, Witch and self-care queen, joins us to talk about the necessity of grounding and centering, as well as its connection to self-care. Our apologies to Scorpios...we're totally mean to you in this episode! Plus, Courtney reads Tarot for Hilary and Kanani using Rachel True's True Heart Intuitive Tarot. A listener in the military wonders how can they maintain a consistent Witchcraft practice with a transient lifestyle, a conservative family, and no place to practice privately. To hear a grounding and centering practice led by Joi, join us on Patreon! Show notes and audio transcript at

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