That Witch Life

Episode 81: WTF Is Wicca? With Thorn Mooney

April 19, 2021

What is Wicca? Is it Witchcraft? Is it something else? Thorn Mooney joins us to discuss a brief history of Wicca and answers many common questions and misconceptions about it. Plus, Magick for the Full SUPER Moon Magick for April 26th. Thorn also "ruins some lives" with some hard truths about the 3-Fold Law and the Wiccan Rede. Other digressions include broken bones, broken nails, broken brains, and throwing a Pagan Prom. A newbie Witch is curious about the best way to connect with the right goddess for them, as well as their spirit guides. Also, what is the best way to pull together a luck jar? On Patreon: Courtney reads another selection from her forthcoming Hekate book! 

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