That Witch Life

Episode 9: Ethics of Witchcraft with Andrea Weston

May 6, 2019

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“I don’t practice Magick. I live a spiritual life.”

This week, we are talking all about the ethics of Witchcraft! When should we use Magick? When shouldn’t we? We also explore the (in)famous Law of Three and the idea of Karma (will Magick come back to bite our Witchy asses?), when hexes might be appropriate, the dangers of broadcasting your work on social media, and when casting a spell might not be advisable. Courtney tells a story of how her ex cast a spell that backfired spectacularly (his job literally went to shit…). Plus, special guest Andrea Weston joins us to tell us how to make powerful-and ethical–Magick.

Our Guest Today

Andrea Weston

Andrea Weston of Ambrozine LeGare Conjure is a Medium, Rootworker, Spiritual Consultant and Teacher that provides spiritual services to her many clients across the globe. Andrea started her professional business as a spiritual consultant in 2009 and in 2015 founded Ambrozine LeGare Conjure. Prior to opening up a dedicated business as a Consultant, Diviner, Teacher and Rootworker, Andrea consulted and did spiritual work privately for friends and family. During her personal spiritual journey, Andrea discovered the beauty and healing of Reiki and went on to become a Reiki Practitioner. During this time she also initiated into the Palo Kimbisa religion. Since opening Ambrozine LeGare Conjure, Andrea has taught conjure both publicly and privately, participated in religious and secular conferences that address the needs of underserved communities and volunteers her time and services to help victims of abuse. When Andrea is not working as a Spiritual Consultant she sends her time writing, performing, cooking, making incense and traveling with her family.

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